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Bohemian Luxury Interiors - Little Additions NZ

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Bohemian Luxury Interiors - Little Additions NZ

Little Additions - Designer Homewares Blog

I came across this gorgeous picture of an idyllic paradise and I couldn’t help but want to see more and the interiors did not disappoint! The images belong to the Casa Cook Hotel in Kolyboa Rhodes, Greece.

Set amongst the rocky hillside on the Islands East Cost this beautiful resort is aptly described as the bohemian lifestyle hotel. Bohemian luxury! It has a mid-century Californian vibe with exposed stone walls that compliment the rocky surroundings. It’s a new cosmopolitan and stylish holiday beach resort. Berlin-based design agency Lambs & Lions, interior designer Annabell Kutucu and architect Vana Pernari have worked together to create a series of 90 pool villas.

Just for adults, each room has it’s own private access to a swimming pool from the veranda. A comfy outdoor bed awaits you on the private veranda.

Little Additions - Designer Homewares Blog

Bedrooms are layered with natural fibres, macrame wall hangings, woven baskets, linen and cotton bedding. Textured surfaces like wood, linen and canvas are matched with a tribal luxe style of pattern and print. Many of items are handmade from local Greek craftsmen. Natural basket light fittings and turkish style towels hang from the ceiling and walls. The light filled interiors are a kin to a comfortable, lived in home.

Little Additions - Designer Homewares Blog

Little Additions - Designer Homewares Blog

“Airy spaces are framed by pools, broad walkways, wooden decks and pergolas”. There is an open-air bar and restaurant which backs onto the main pool area. There are gorgeous lounge areas and oversized tables that create areas for people to meet and connect. Hammocks and sunbeds are plenty for relaxing and having a siesta.

Little Additions - Designer Homewares Blog

Little Additions - Designer Homewares Blog

This is a hotel that doesn’t really look like hotel, rather a gorgeous, well thought out home. With wide open spaces and comfort at the heart it does not have that repetitive hotel like interior. A new breed of boutique hotels emerging, they say “inspired by the spirit of our times.” Created for those wanting a stylish, yet relaxed escape. It’s definitely on my list of places to stay!

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Photo’s Copyright by Anna Malmburg. 


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