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Choosing The Right Plants For Your Coastal Look

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Choosing The Right Plants For Your Coastal Look 

    • Indoor plants are key to creating a coastal look. Bringing an element of nature inside the home evokes feelings of being outside, which is what being by the coast is all about. 

    • To create a coastal look it’s important to invest in subtropical plants to get the look. It may take you a while to build up your plant base as it will depend on whats available at certain times of the year.  

    • Some plants can be a little costly, especially if you want to buy them once they are larger. However, think of it as buying a piece of art or decor, if treated right it will last and last. 

    • Here are some of our favourite coastal looking subtropical plants. 


    Plant Tips and Tricks


    1/. Keep the plant inside the plastic pot and fit it inside a larger ceramic or decorative pot. This is because planting directly into ceramics can make the plant too cold in the winter, the soil can also mark the outside of the pot if its a light colour. It’s also easier to move them around this way if you want to change up your look. 


    2/. Each plant will need a different frequency and amount of watering. The best way to check whether it needs a top up is if the soil has gone dry, and of course if the leaves are drooping. 


    3/ During spring and summer most indoor plants will need watering 2-3 times per week depending on the plant. Lily's tend to need a lot of water in the hot months so watering every second day is sometimes needed.  Winter watering is usually around once a week. 


    4/. An indoor fertiliser is a great way to keep your plants looking good, applying two or three times per year is all you need. They also require less watering if they are fertilised. 


    5/. Pick off any old or damaged leaves so the plant can concentrate on growing new ones. 


    6/. Keep leaves looking glossy by getting a cotton ball and gently rubbing a little olive oil on them. 


    7/. During the holidays a great way to keep your plants alive is to put them into the bath on newspaper and add a 5cm of water.

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