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Design Effects Our Lives

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Design Effects Our Lives

Design Effects Our Lives

Ever wished your home looked as good as those beautiful images on Instagram or in the Magazines. Well it’s possible. 

It just takes practice and time experimenting. 

We’ve worked with many amazing stylists and photographers over the years and every shot takes time, moving things, trying different combinations, collaborating ideas….experimenting. The more practice you have the easier it gets. 


The first shot always takes the longest to set up. Establishing the right combinations like colour, texture and different height levels of decor. 


Even though we’ve styled things hundreds of times, we still have to experiment to get the right look. Lots of trial and error and time. 


The same thing goes for our homes. 


Establish the look you want and be really clear about what fits into it. This may mean taking down some of those pieces you’ve had for a while that worked with another look.  


For example if you are going for a coastal luxe look, establish the colour pallet. What does it look like? White, natural, greenery. Dose it have any blue? Or perhaps black? 


What items don’t fit in? Is it that geometric decor? Is it the bright pops of colour? Is it the industrial artwork? Take down a few of those things and find the holes. 


Now what do you have to fill the holes, and what new additions do you need? 


Then start experimenting with new combinations of old and new.


It takes time, but the end result is worth it. 


What you have in your home, how it looks, has a direct impact on the way it makes you feel. Spend time to create a look that makes you feel good, it will rub off on you and everyone who walks through your door. 


To your experimenting and creating your home. 


Steph and the Little Additions family xx


P.S this beautiful image is from interior designers - Lane Interiors.

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