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How Powerful is Your Home?

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Money has power. 

It makes things happen. 

It can build schools. Buy health care, fund startups and pay for holidays. 

It can buy better houses, better cars and send cars to space. 

That’s why we will always remain obsessed with it. 

It really can do those things and much more.

What you do with that money can have a profound effect on the way you feel about your environment and how others feel too. 

When we add the right decor to our home, we are adding value.

Value comes in many forms.

Value can be the sense of calm and happiness you feel when you walk inside your home to see your favourite wall hanging. 


Value can come in the form of dollars when you go to sell and those little additions you’ve added a long the way contribute to a healthy return on your investment. 

What value can you create out of your environment at home, at the bach or at your business?

Is it personal well being or is it dollars? 


When you are ready to add value we can help you.

We know that looking at something in a shop or online is not the same as looking at it in your home.

You always try that dress on before you buy right?

We understand that putting together that look you want can be a bit of trial and error.

So we've taken the worry out of it for you.

We've given you 30 days to try any of our products in your home to make sure they are perfect.

We will even pay the return courier, although less than 1% of people return!

To creating your home and adding value. 

Steph and the Little Additions family x

P.S Image today brought to you by @scorpiosmyk, complete with beautiful Aegean Sea views | Photo by @steveherud 


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