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How to Style a Coffee Table

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When it comes to styling a coffee table we go for this quick little formula which will make your coffee table look magazine ready. 

Before you start, think about your colour tones in the house. What is your accent colour? If you are after a coastal look, keep things light in colour tone. 

Items you need: 

- Matching toned books or magazines. For a coastal look go for white spines or  lighter natural colours like beige and soft blue. 

- A 300ml candle or similar sized or ornament. 

- A tray. Rectangle is a little easier to work with. 

- Small vase with flowers or a small pot plant. 

An optional extra is a beaded tassel. 

How to: 

1/. A tray unifies the items, makes them feel less lost and plonked there. It also makes it easier to move things quickly if you need to. Start by placing the tray in the middle of the coffee table. 

2/. Next stack the books or magazines inside the tray. Two or three books should be enough or a stack of 5 magazines. 

3/. Place the candle and the vase next to the books. You can also try putting one item on top of the books to see how it looks. Keep the vase small and the flowers low so it doesn't disrupt the view of people sitting around the table.

4/. If you have a beaded tassel these look great draped over the books and onto the tray. 

Examples below of coffee tables styled with similar objects. Images via Pinterest. 

Rattan Tray available via Little Additions

Beaded Tassels available via Little Additions


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