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Inside Little Additions in Indonesia

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Little Additions in Indonesia


We’re in Indonesia, the world's largest island country, with more than thirteen thousand islands.


This place is made up of beautiful island paradises and full of people who’s way of life, heritage and very spirit is rooted in hand crafted pieces.


Using local resources unique to this archipelago, they have built on their traditional handcrafted technics over many generations.


But it is also a region subject to a lot of environmental issues.


So we want to do our bit to enable the employment of people to work in healthy environments.


To support artisans in their craft so that funds go directly to families rather than factories.


We know each families story and we’ve worked with them to create sustainably sourced, small handcrafted batches of beautiful decor.


Our products are created with natural materials and we now operate almost entirely plastic free, whilst also supporting businesses in the region to remove plastic and rubbish from the ocean and waterways. 


Our packaging is all recyclable, including pre-used cartons which further reduces energy in the recycling process.


With our goal of zero waste, it’s about doing what’s right for the people, communities and the environment around us.

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