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It was a surf trip to Bali that started this.

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You may have heard about our passion for the coast. 


You may have heard about how we ethically produce our products and help people in Bali live a better life. 


You may have heard how our products are plastic free and that we have reduced 95% of our plastic wrap in our warehouse and distribution. 


You may have heard that we have recently started supporting 4Ocean. 


4Ocean is an AMAZING and inspiring story of two people who are helping clean up the plastic in our oceans. They are also helping people in Bali, and now the world. 


Watch the video by clicking on the image above and see why 4Ocean is on such a mission to create a more sustainable future for our oceans. 


We are helping. 


We are buying a bracelet each month, because this matters, because we must help.


As we grow so will our contribution. Small acts can create big changes. 


Each month we post our new bracelet on social media, so follow us to be reminded when to purchase your next bracelet. Follow here for Instagram. Follow here for Facebook. 


There is hope and a way to help. 


To creating your home and making a difference. 


Steph xx

Click here to watch the video!

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