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Modern Coastal Interiors - Little Additions NZ

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Modern Coastal Interiors - Little Additions NZ

This month we have had a whole lot of new arrivals which are perfect for creating that modern coastal look. So we've been putting together some of our favourite modern coastal looks and matched them up with a few of our new products to give you some ideas. Images via our Pinterest page. Check out our new arrivals at

Here are a few of our own products to help you create the modern coastal look in your home!

Tribal Feather Mirrors 

Available in Black and White 

Como Bedlinen

Available in white, pink and grey.

Stonewashed Linen 

Available in ink blue, white, natural, blush pink, charcoal and dove.

Tribal Feather Mirror and Wall Hangings

Mirrors available in black and white. 
Wall hangings available in black, white and natural. 

More new arrivals here



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