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Modern Coastal Wall Hanging Ideas - Little Additions NZ

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Modern Coastal Wall Hanging Ideas - Little Additions NZ

This week we've been inspired by some beautiful homes featuring feather and shell wall hangings. Some of these designs made purely of feathers and are known as Juju Hats or Juju Wall Hangings. The name Juju Hat originated from the Bamiléké feather headdress. It's a headdress worn by the royal dancers of the Bamiléké tribes during important ceremonies. It's no surprise that they symbolise prosperity as they are quite stunning. 

Other wall hanging designs which feature beautiful shell detail are mostly made in Indonesia where there are gorgeous shells available for creating such stunning show pieces. 

Just like when you hang print art in sets of three, these feather wall hangings also look amazing hung in a set of three. You can either bunch closely in the same colour or spread a little further apart with a few different coloured wall hangings. 

We love how they instantly create that relaxed costal look. The best places we have seen feather wall hangings or Juju Hats are in entrance ways, above beds and above a table or piece of furniture in a living room. Living room wall hangings tend to have larger spaces so this is when three can look great. One wall hanging tends to do the trick in smaller spaces like a hall way or entrance way. 

Here are some of our favourite homes featuring feather and shell wall hangings and Juju Hats.

Image credits go to Pinterest unless otherwise specified and you can find them on our Pinterest account too. 

Image Credit: Villastyling

Image Credit: Indie Home Collective

Image Credit: Villa Styling

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