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Our visit to the luxury Six Senses Resort in Fiji!

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Our visit to the luxury Six Senses Resort in Fiji!

We were so excited to be able to visit the absolutely stunning 5 STAR Six Senses Resort in Fiji this month. We have been working with their incredibly talented interior design team on decor for some of their Villas and Residences over the past year. The architecture and interior design is full of beautiful coastal inspiration, a must visit if you ever get the chance.

Quality textiles full of natural colours and texture cover the walls, furniture and cushions. Natural fibres crafted by hand create the decor throughout. Beautiful wood carvings, tribal shell necklaces and rattan wall hangings are hung on the walls. 

The Six Senses ethos is all about helping you reconnect and focus on what really matters. Everything has been created to make you feel your best. They offer personal screening and bespoke programs designed to help you with sleep, eating and exercise. The ultimate aim being to boost your health, vitality, mood and general well being.  

With a huge empathy for the environment around them we were impressed to learn the resort was powered by solar. Many Islands in Fiji are powered by diesel. 

We began our visit by talking to the Resort Manager to gain an understanding of the property, how it was established, and where it's heading. 

Below are some snaps of the picturesque pool and beach followed by the Residences and Villas. 

Located on the beautiful Malolo Island there is enough land for another 60 residences to be created. Below are some snaps that capture the work in progress of these beautiful buildings. Mostly 5 bedroom, with separate buildings for each bedroom and one large kitchen and lounge area at the front over looking the water. A unique design allowing privacy and a quite place for the guests or members of the family to go. 

The Villas are a separate part of the resort available for holiday accomodation. These are much smaller than the residences and have a studio type layout which is perfect for a couple or a family of four. The walls are covered with a stunning textured wall paper and the rooms come with your own private pool and pathway to the beach. 

If you are wanting to create a coastal resort inspired look here are a few pieces of ours similar to the ones we supplied to the Six Senses! We also custom make, so get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. To see more visit 

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