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Hope is not a strategy.


Hoping that someone else will fix the issues on plastic that are before everyone of us.

It feels too big.


How can I really make any difference?


There are traces of plastic on the most beautiful and isolated beaches across the world.


Worse yet, there are tonnes of plastic polluting the water supplies of villages.


We all know this.


So we decided we had to do everything we could to make an impact with what we do.


We spent a long time researching….


How can we make environmentally friendly home decor and help people and the environment?



How can we get involved in the global community and help clean up the pollution?


The answer was situated in the beautiful Indonesian archipelago.


Firstly, if you haven’t see what our people do, then we'll explain….



Our families across the Indonesian Archipelago help us to design and create beautiful pieces of home decor.


Creating things from nature is at the heart.


Ensuring the materials are sustainable is at the heart.


Funding families rather than factories is at the heart.


Each piece is then sent in recyclable and reusable packaging to help further reduce energy in the recycling process. 


Your support has meant we are continually looking for more artisan families to help.


Secondly, we knew of the enormous environmental issues surrounding the region so began researching how we could help.


4Ocean was the answer.


4Ocean began with two surfers who saw the enormity of the plastic issue in the region and created bracelets made from recycled glass and water bottles. Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.


Well over 4 million pounds of rubbish has been removed.



Clean ups are growing.


New employment and economies are being created.


Local communities are being educated on sustainability.


So successful, they now have purpose built vessels that are stopping plastic pollution at its source, before it ends up in the ocean…..



Quite incredible.


That’s the power of each of us doing all that we can.


When we banned together, we can make significant change.


For our ocean.


For our people.


For our next generation.

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