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The power in supporting people, not factories. See what you have created!

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Today I wanted to share a story with you. 

Then we created this necklace I wanted to make sure it was large and lush. 

There had to be loads of glossy black feathers, large luxurious white seashells and all put together on a stunning large surround. 

With three rows of beautiful seashells and around 60-65cm in diameter this necklace is a stunning show piece and the ultimate in quality. Large enough to be hung on the wall and look amazing. 

This is no ordinary tribal necklace.

This, along with many of our other pieces are handcrafted by some very special artisan’s.

They are a couple who are engaged to be married and due to the on-going support of Little Addition’s and our customers they have been able to set up a business for the fiancee in the relationship. Now she can build, own and create her destiny.

One of our goals when we started was to support people, not factories. It’s amazing to see what a positive difference you can make in people’s lives with what you choose to buy. It’s a ripple effect, goodness spreads. This is powerful stuff and it’s only been possible with you.  

To creating your home. 

Steph x 



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