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Three Phases Of Creating A Home

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Three Phases Of Creating A Home

After working with many people in the homewares industry and helping hundreds of customers with their interiors I’ve come to realise there are generally three key phases in creating a home. 

In Phase one you're just starting out and have your first house. You are either riding solo, just you and your cat, or you have a partner, and maybe a baby on the way.  

Buying a house can often be a stressful environment and once you finally have the house you realise the long list of things that need to be done. Does it need insulation, new wiring, maybe a renovation, a new kitchen? The list goes on. So you learn to prioritise and slowly you chip off the list, one year and many thousands of dollars at and a time. You may even be trying to juggle having a family at the same time. Little ones, no time and not much sleep.  

In phase two, things get a little easier. The big stuff has been done. You might be earning a little more or are able to work more now the kids are older. There are still always things on the list to improve the house, but the fundamentals are done. So now you can concentrate a little more on the interiors and decorating. However it always feels like there is never enough hours in the day to do everything you want. 

In phase three things change again. Your mortgage is looking pretty good now. You start to look at other opportunities, maybe a bach, a boat or a pool. Your interiors might need updating or the bach needs some decor to feel a little more like home. 

We understand that in every phase your focus is different. What phase are you in? 

Are you itching to get to the interior decorating stage?

When you are ready we can help you to create your home. 

Steph and the Little Additions family x

P.S This amazing house is an Italian Country House care of Est Living.

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