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Three Rules For Selecting Decor And Styling Your Home This Spring

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Three Rules For Selecting Decor And Styling Your Home This Spring

Spring is here and that always makes me want to freshen up the house.

Whether it’s a spring clean or adding some more summery cushions and decor, it’s a great time of year to get rid of the winter blues.

Organising and cleaning out your piles of stuff that accumulate around the house is the first step.

After that it’s about deciding what to work on first.

Start with the “impact areas” - places where you spend the most time and that have the biggest impact on the way you feel.

For me this is the entrance way and living area, and thirdly the master bedroom.

If you have an entrance way table this is great as it’s easy to change out a vase or ornament and replace it with something light, fresh and summery. Living areas and bedrooms can easily be updated as well.

Here are three rules to selecting your spring decor and styling it.


Think about creating patterns of repetition and contrast. Groups of three work well, e.g. three medium sized bowls on a shelf. Pairs work well too - for example a pair of lamps on either end of an entrance way table. It’s about trying things together to see what works.  

Pattern and repetition can be seen here in this Hamptons Image via Pinterest.

Rhythm also works in colour. Picking an accent colour and placing that colour in a cushion, decor piece and artwork to tie the room together. You may decide to change your accent colour for spring and choose a blush pink for example. To do this you may only need a few new cushions, a set of vases and a new print or lamp. As a guide an accent colour should only make up a small proportion of the total colour scheme - around 10-20%. The accent colour black is used in the image below via @jessi.eve on Instagram. 


Creating a focal point in an artwork or piece of furniture creates an anchor and a starting place for the eye to fall to. If there is too much of the same size objects it can create a feeling of disorganisation. 

A fire place with a print above is a great focal point, similarly a beautiful console with an artwork or mirror above. 

Image from @housesevendesign via IG. 


This is very important when it comes to selecting artwork. A large wall with a small piece won't look right. For example one of our Tribal Feather Wall Hangings may be too small for a large lounge room wall, so it may look better in a group of two or three, or on it’s own in a bedroom where the walls are smaller.

A large piece in a small space can work but it’s best to measure out the space first. Try blue tacking some paper on the wall to get a feel for the scale before you decide.

Grouping artwork to create scale - image via Little Additions.

Image via Little Additions.


A house is an ever evolving thing and there is no right or wrong, so keep experimenting and trying new things until you find the perfect look for the time being, or until next Spring!

Steph xx

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