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World Fair Trade Day. Our Contribution to a Fair Trade World

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World Fair Trade Day. Our Contribution to a Fair Trade World. 

This weekend it's not just about celebrating Mother's it's also about celebrating how far we have come with fair trade. World Fair Trade Day is this Saturday

As you will be aware we are extremely passionate about the economic empowerment of small producers, gender quality and responsible production practices. 

Not only do we support small business entrepreneurs in New Zealand with photography, marketing and the day to day running of our business. We also seek out to benefit those in developing countries - particularly Bali. No factories or mass production, just families who are the very best in their craft. 

Through our work we have seen our artisan's business grow and you may have heard our excitement when one artisan was able to invest in setting up a business for his fiancee. A great achievement not only for their livelihood, but also for gender equality. Your on-going support helped achieve this. 

Our carefully crafted pieces are handcrafted using natural, sustainable materials. We believe small steps can create big changes. It is more crucial than ever think about what we are buying and who we are buying from. 

It certainly makes me happy to know that everytime you purchase something from Little Additions it's supporting an artisan in their craft. 

A huge thank you to you for your on-going support. Know that your dollar has gone a long way to help another family both in New Zealand and overseas. 

To creating your home ethically. 

From my family to yours. 

Steph and the Little Additions team. xx

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