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Soy Candle Care

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Step One: When You Light Your Candle

When you first light your candle it develops a melt pool. It’s best to let the candle burn until the the wax has melted all the way out to the edge. This usually takes 1-2 hours depending on your room temperature, air flow and the size of your candle.

It's important to allow this melt pool to develop out to the edge on the first few lights as this sets the "memory" for the candle and will ensure an even burn from here on. Candles should really be burned for a minimum of 2 hours each lighting. You can also turn the candle occasionally to ensure the wax is burning evenly.

Step Two: Trimming the Wick

To keep your candle fragrance smelling nice and fresh and looking clean keep the wick trimmed to 5mm every time you burn. It’s best to always cut any mushrooming off the end of the wick before you light it to avoid it smoking or making your candle sooty and dirty. 

Step Three: Extinguishing the Flame

Where possible don't blow out the flame to extinguish your candle. This will cause the wick to smoke, which will ruin the scent the candle has just released into the room. The best option is to drown the wick in the melt pool by using a utensil (not your fingers!) to push the wick under the surface. (This puts the flame out without the wick smoking and preps the wick for the next lighting by coating it with wax). Once 'drowned', stand the wick up & trim if necessary so you're ready for next time. Candle snuffers are also a good investment if you like to burn lots of candles.    

Step Four: The Occasional Clean 

Once your candle has cooled down and the wax is still soft but not hot you can run a wet wipe around the inside of the glass to clean away any sooty, waxy residue. This will leave your candle wax and the glass looking clean and beautiful.


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