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Tribal Feather Necklace - White



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Tribal Feather Necklace - White

Pre-orders are open! Due mid-end October. Reserve yours now. 

  • This beautiful statement piece has been handcrafted using pure white layered feathers, cotton and beautiful shells. 
  • Each piece takes many hours to make by master craftsmen.
  • Our small team of three master craftsmen use lots of quality shells and feathers to give a lush full affect. 
  • This stunning wall feature is perfect for a hallway, bathroom, bedroom or living area and will create that relaxed coastal feel.
  • Great for those wanting to have a tribal, boho or beach house vibe.
  • This beautiful wall hanging can be hung by itself or placed on a stand. 
  • This item has been handmade therefore no two items will be exactly the same, making it a unique work of art for you.

Product Details

Approximately 55-60cm diameter depending on the unique length of feathers. Approximately 45cm height (without stand). Approximately 50cm with stand. 

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