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Jet Black Mini Mal Surfboard


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Jet Black Mini Mal Surfboard 

This striking, sleek designer surfboard is available as a piece of art in your home or as a high spec surf board.

Here is some of the more technical surfboard information if you want to take it for a ride!

  • This Mini Mal is 7’6” and has a full Carbon Fibre rail wrap that provides the foam with quick memory which means the foam will flex back into shape when driving out of turns.
  • Another advantage of the full Carbon Fibre rail wrap is that the board will retain that "new board" feel for much longer which is important with a board like this as it will be in your quiver for many years to come.
  • This board looks equally as good on display in your home as it will under your arm at the beach! Fin set ups include Single Fin, or 2 +1.
  • These combinations create good diversity so you can feel the glide single fin styles, or ride new school ... you choose.
  • All of our boards include a set of PVC fins. Feel free to upgrade to a set of Carbon fibre and honeycomb fins for extra performance.

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