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Tribal Feather Cowrie Shell Wall Hanging - White



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Tribal Feather Cowrie Shell Wall Hanging - White

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  • This beautiful statement piece has been handcrafted using layered soft feathers, cotton and the precious cowrie shell.
  • We use lots of quality feathers to give a lush full affect. 
  • Each piece takes many hours to make by master craftsmen.
  • This stunning wall feature is perfect for a hallway, bathroom, bedroom or living area and will create that relaxed coastal feel.
  • Great for those wanting to have a tribal, boho or beach house vibe.
  • This beautiful wall hanging or Juju can be hung by itself or in a grouping to add extra impact.
  • This item has been handmade therefore no two items will be exactly the same, making it a unique work of art for you.

Cowrie shells come in many different sizes from small to large and can display many different colours and patterns. The shiny, porcelain like shells have long been regarded as extremely beautiful. Shells of certain species of Cowrie have historically been used as money in several parts of the world. Cowrie shell money was important in the trade networks of Africa, South Asia, and East Asia. Today we use this beautiful shell in our wall hangings to create that eye-catching statement piece as you walk into a room.

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Size: 50cm diameter



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