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One of the joys of running my own business is I can help people, and empower others to do the same. I got to a point in my career where I wanted to give back, have something good come from my work. Little steps can create big changes. We believe in the good in people and the power that comes from being kind and helping others.


We support 4Ocean, an amazing organisation on a mission to clean up the plastic in our oceans. Our love of the coast and the ocean inspired us to start Little Additions, to bring a little bit of that coastal calm feeling into the home. By supporting this organisation and empowering others to do the same we hope that we can preserve our oceans so that our children and their children can enjoy it in the future.


Every time you purchase something from Little Additions you are supporting an artisan in their craft. We work with the very best artisans who produce the most beautiful creations for your home. We wanted to work with people over factories so we could see an immediate positive impact our business was having on their lives. As a result one of our artisans has been able to open a business for his fiancee, now she can build, own and create her destiny. An amazing thing not only for their livelihood but also for gender equality.


We love to support our local community (New Zealand) and we receive bucket loads of requests for sponsorship from amazing people trying to raise money for their good cause. We help as many people as we can on their journey from rugby tournaments to sick children.


Thank you for your support and please know that your dollar is going a long way to support others in our community and the world.


To creating your home and driving change.



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