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Cuttle-Wood Wall Hanging - Black


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30cm x 52cm (Pre-order mid-end October)

Cuttle-Wood Wall Hanging - Black 

PRE-ORDERS OPEN! Delivery mid-end October. Reserve yours now. 

We love this piece for so many reasons.

It’s beautiful and striking and adds a real statement to the wall.

It’s handmade using carved wood and cotton which is unique because a piece like this is commonly made with cuttlebone which is very brittle and can chip and break easily. Cuttlebone is the internal shell of a cuttlefish and we would rather leave that one to nature or let it be used for the consumption of other animals in the food chain.

So we have opted to use a lovely wood that is far more durable and will not chip or scrape.

Size: 30cm wide by 52 long.

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